Quantum Information Group

The Quantum Information Group (QIG), led by Dr. Marius Paraschiv, is focused on advancing the field of quantum communication and computing in the areas of quantum networking and quantum predictive algorithms. Quantum networks represent the backbone of the future Quantum Internet, a global communications infrastructure able to transmit both classical and quantum data over large distances. Their functional purpose is to share entanglement between nodes thus enabling quantum  protocols such as QKD and state teleportation. Our efforts are focused on bipartite and multipartite entanglement sharing and efficient entanglement routing protocols. A second research direction is concerned with network-based predictive algorithms, particularly quantum graph neural networks and more general relational learning algorithms, expanding traditional machine learning approaches to the quantum domain, with important applications in fields such as chemistry, biology or materials science.


Scientific Direction

Marius Paraschiv
Team leader / Senior Researcher
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  • Dr. Marius Paraschiv
  • IMDEA Networks Institute
  • Avda. del Mar Mediterraneo, 22
  • 28918 Leganes (Madrid)

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