Dr. Gustavo DE VECIANA

Dr. Gustavo DE VECIANA

Visiting Professor

    • PhD: Electrical Engineering - University of California at Berkeley, USA
    • University of origin: University of Texas at Austin. USA
  • Joining date: June 2008
  • Leaving date: December 2008


  • Analysis and design of wireless and wireline telecommunication networks
  • architectures and protocols to support sensing and pervasive computing
  • Applied probability
  • queueing and information theory


Dr. Gustavo de Veciana is currently a member of our Scientific Council.

Valedictory Report

“Spending my sabbatical amongst this group of smart and particularly social researchers made me think about the degree to which research is a social endeavor. A research culture that encourages, sharing, discussion of generation of ideas while leveraging a collective memory to filter out relevant papers or good leads, is a key to success. Many corporations have understood the value of nurturing both individual creativity and a culture of openness to enhance productivity. During my visit, I was struck with the importance that leveraging and nurturing research as a social activity will be to IMDEA Network’s long-term success. I think I can recognize a social research culture when I see one, but I’m not sure I could synthesize one given unlimited resources. One ingredient is likely allowing time for socializing in cozy corridors, coffee breaks and good food — these are in abundance in Madrid”.



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