Aristide Tanyi Jong AKEM

Aristide Tanyi Jong AKEM

PhD Student

  • Affiliation: IMDEA Networks Institute, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (U3CM)
    • BSc: Telecommunications Engineering (Diplôme d'Ingénieur) - University of Yaounde I. Yaounde, Cameroon
    • MSc: Electrical and Computer Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University Africa. Kigali, Rwanda
  • Former position: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Carnegie Mellon University Africa, Kigali, Rwanda
  • Joining date: March 2021


Akem Aristide hails from Cameroon in Central Africa. Prior to his master’s studies, he worked as intelligent video surveillance and optical fiber transmission engineer at Huawei Technologies Company Cameroon Ltd. Before joining IMDEA Networks, he was a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Carnegie Mellon University Africa where he had previously studied network technologies and applied machine learning. At IMDEA Networks, he is affiliated with the Networks Data Science Group led by Dr. Marco Fiore. His focus at the moment is on the DAEMON project which involves the design of an end-to-end network intelligence-native architecture for beyond 5G that fully coordinates network intelligence-assisted functionalities.

Previous publications

  • A Machine Learning Approach to Temporal Traffic-Aware Energy-Efficient Cellular Networkscall_made
    Aristide T-J Akem, Edwin Mugume.

    In this paper, machine learning is used to exploit temporal variations in cellular network traffic. Based on predicted traffic, three sleep mode schemes are applied to a homogeneous network. Simulation results show that a strategic sleep mode scheme achieves an hourly average power saving of 3,836 W per kilometer squared, which proves that machine learning traffic prediction-based sleep modes are instrumental in achieving energy-efficient cellular networks.