Adaptive Anomaly Detection and Classification
IMDEA Networks participates in the project through a contract with Nokia Spain
  • Financed by: Nokia Spain
  • Duration: September 2022 to February 2023
  • Contact:

The NetPredict5 project is proposed as a continuation of the previous NetPredict projects: NetPredict: Identification of predictive variables of anomalies in network traffic, completed in 2019, NetPredict2: Detection of anomalies in network traffic and identification of possible causes, completed in 2020, NetPredict3: Automated interpretation of network traffic traces, completed in June 2021, and NetPredict4: Interpretation of the evolution of network traffic.

The goal of Netpredict5 is to take the automated tool for detection and explanation of anomalies that is being developed in this series of projects closer to an early alarm system. The models developed will be exhaustively evaluated, and the results will be collected in an academic paper to be submitted to a high-level international conference.