Grant to increase the participation of IMDEA Networks in Horizon Europe
IMDEA Networks is the beneficiary of this project
  • Financed by: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICIN) GPE2022-000927
  • Duration: January 2023 to December 2024
  • Contact: Ana GONZÁLEZ, Principal Investigator for IMDEA Networks

The “INCREASE-HE” Project aims to strengthen IMDEA Networks Institute resources to increase its already high success rate in the new European Union Work Program, Horizon Europe.

IMDEA Networks is a public Research Institute of the Community of Madrid focused on ICT and networks areas, founded in 2006. The Institute has a clear internationalization strategy, one of its principles being the participation in the European Union research programs and the attraction of international talent, a task in which it has obtained excellent results, especially taking into account its small volume and recent creation. It is also noteworthy its effort on technological transference both to the industry and to society, with an extensive network of collaborators, including some of the top research groups in its area.

IMDEA Networks has had a project management department since 2007 that currently employs three Projects managers. The department offers support to the research team in all phases of their projects, from the search for financing, going through the preparation and presentation of proposals, the economic and financial management of the projects awarded up until their justification and closure. To this end, it has carried out a continuous training plan in matters of interest such as the management of European Union funds and projects. The growing volume of the research team has increased the ability to attract external funds from IMDEA Networks, which obtains half of its annual funding through competitive calls and projects with the industry. This represents a challenge for the Projects and Funding Department in the mid-term, making it necessary to obtain funds to reinforce the project management infrastructure and thus guarantee adequate support for the research team. In addition to this, the recent publication of the new Horizon Europe program requires an additional effort to adapt the Institute’s procedures to its new requirements and priority lines.

As a result, IMDEA Networks has identified four priority axes to intensify its participation and success in the new EU Work Program. First, the aim will be to increase the returns from European projects by improving the training of research staff and offering a dedicated service to support the preparation of proposals. Secondly, the coordination of projects will be promoted by hiring a new project manager to support the management of such projects and carry out dissemination to encourage coordination.

Thirdly, it is proposed to go one step further and promoting excellence by supporting the preparation of ERC proposals, the training of management staff in Horizon Europe and the development of new computer tools suitable for the management of European projects. Finally, it is intended to exploit the potential IMDEA Networks has to attract other Spanish R+D+i agents to Horizon Europe through the organization of Conferences, brokerage events, the use of partner search tools and its participation in networking activities.

This project (GPE2022-000927) is funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the National Research Agency (MICIN/AEI).

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