Grants to promote youth employment and the implementation of the Youth Guarantee system in R&D+I (2015-2021)

National Fundings
Awarded: Marta DORADO - Junior Science Communicator, Elvira CONTI - Project Administrator and Rubén RUPÉREZ - Program Manager
Financed by: National Programme for the Promotion of Talent and Its Employability in R&D+i. Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Cofunded by European Social Funds (ESF) through the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI).

The purpose of this call for proposals is to grant Aid, for a period of two years, to improve the training and employability of technical and R&D management personnel through their employment contracts in universities, public sector research bodies and organisations, while at the same time reinforcing research activities and the performance of infrastructures, scientific-technical equipment, laboratories or any other premise or service of a general nature or of common use by the organisation, of a scientific-technical nature, or of research management.

Previous awardees