Researcher - Global Computing Group

Global Computing Group

Deadline for receipt of applications: June 29, 2022 23:59 AoE (30 June 2022, 13:59h Europe/Madrid Time)

The Global Computing Group is looking for a senior researcher to join its research effort on distributed systems, machine learning, and data analysis. The researcher will work under the supervision of Antonio Fernandez Anta. The researcher will be in charge of the research on distributed systems and data analysis within the group in tight collaboration with the supervisor. This will involve doing research, publishing the results, supervising other group members, applying for funding, and developing software.

Skills required:

  • The candidate must be able to conduct independent research in the areas of distributed systems, machine learning, and data analysis.
  • This must be shown with a solid research publication record.
  • Supervising programmming, and system design and development.
  • Supervise students in their research, and engineers and interns in their developments.
  • Help in writing grant proposals.
  • Presenting the research and engineering results to wide audiences.
  • High proficiency in English

Additional Complementary Skills:

  • Research and development experience on related complementary areas will be highly valued.

Academic Qualifications:

  • PhD in computer science, mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, or a related field


  • Performing high-level research, and publishing the results of this research in high-impact high-visibility conferences and journals.
  • In particular, experience in the areas most related to the call wil be valued.
  • Raising and handling research funding (writing grant proposals and managing funded projects).
  • Supervising researchers and engineers.
  • Designing, developing and deploying computing systems.

List of Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Perform research on the topics of the call.
  • Write research articles.
  • Prepare grant proposals.
  • Supervise students and engineers.
  • Design and develop proof of concept implementation of the research results.
  • Attend conferences and project meetings.
  • Present the group and its research to officials, companies, and researchers.
  • Transfer the research results to industry if required.


  • Includes social and health benefits.

Candidates should submit a CV including at least a list of publications, and a summary of both educational and work experience, and previous research projects. Names and email addresses of at least 2 references will be required.

Este contrato está cofinanciado a través del Programa EDGEDATA-CM (S2018/TCS-4499) de la convocatoria de ayudas para la realización de Programas de I+D de Tecnologías 2018 de la Comunidad de Madrid. “Este contrato está cofinanciado en un 50 % por el Fondo Social Europeo para el período de programación 2014-2020”.

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  1. Remember to select the following option: Researcher: [Researcher] [Global Computing Group] [2022]
  2. Deadline for receipt of applications: June 29, 2022 23:59 AoE (30 June 2022, 13:59h Europe/Madrid Time)
  3. If necessary choose as supervisor Antonio FERNÁNDEZ ANTA