Program Manager

Deadline for receipt of applications: 09 November 2020, 14:00h Europe/Madrid Time

It is necessary to hire a Program Manager to lead a program of reforms and technical maintenance of IMDEA Networks laboratories. That includes the planning and execution of the appropriate reforms, and optimization and automation of the infrastructure management tasks.


English, high level. Spoken and written

Tasks and responsibilities

Research Support Activities to be developed:

  • Design process improvement and refurbishment of research spaces, facilities and maintenance services.
  • Manage the program of reforms: New technical facilities, platforms, hardware and software and auxiliary equipment. Define report and indicators ex. capacity utilization, % of errors, etc.
  • Preparation of the bidding documents for the launch and management of the bidding procedures and their publication in the Comunidad de Madrid Contracts Portal.
  • Develop the quality function and suppliers management: Improvement of the quality of the products and services of the reduction of the costs (TCO), definition of the Suppliers Overall Rating (SOR), establishment of synergies with other institutes, audits of quality, etc.
  • Select and implement resources planning tools.
  • Build a central repository of measurement data complying with the requirements of confidentiality, integrity, availability and data retention policies.
  • Prepare the Registros de Actividades de Tratamiento (RAT) to manage personal data security and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Study the state of the art of the equipment and technical installations during the reform program: Mass storage, GPUs, FPGAs, ASICs, etc. or big data and cloud-based machine learning solutions such as Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud, etc. Define the decision parameters (SNR values, bandwidth, warranty time, price, etc.), to evaluate which option is the most convenient.
  • Manage the guarantees of the new facilities/devices, and define the procedure for returns.
  • Define the safety measures in laboratories, eg. requirements on distribution of wiring, number of devices that can be located on the ground, whether it is mandatory or a fire extinguisher or another PCI measure, etc.

Skills Required

  • University degree, preferably Industrial Engineer.
  • IT tools: ERP; software for the integral management of projects and portfolio of projects such as Ms-Project; office software (Microsoft Office – knowledge of advanced functions of Excel and Google sheet eg. Solver, SQL)
  • Knowledge of Spanish public procurement law (LCSP)

Additional Complementary Skills

  • Leadership
  • Planning and organization
  • Negotiation
  • Interpersonal management skills


  • Minimum 5 years experience in planning, maintenance and project positions.
  • Project Management Professional Certificate (PMI-PMP).

Contract Duration & Type

12 months, 40 hours/week

  1. Remember to select the following option: Research Engineer & Support: [Program Manager] [2020]
  2. Deadline for receipt of applications: 09 November 2020, 14:00h Europe/Madrid Time