Conditions & Benefits

Researchers’ Professional Status

Research plays an important role in advancing knowledge and understanding through a process of discovery. Researchers have an honorable vocation and position in society as professionals who are engaged in the conception and creation of new knowledge, products, processes, methods, and systems, and in the management of the projects concerned. We aim to treat all our researchers with the respect and dignity that their professional status deserves in all our activities. We want to ensure that a research career at IMDEA Networks is an attractive one for exceptionally talented people from all corners of the World.


We strive to pay attractive, internationally competitive salaries for all research positions. Salaries are commensurate with researchers’ legal status, performance, level of qualifications, and responsibilities.

IMDEA Networks pays social security contributions entitling all researchers to receive excellent Spanish social security provisions (including sickness and parental benefits, pension rights, and unemployment benefits).

Performance-related Bonus Scheme

An important component of an IMDEA researcher’s rewards package is the performance-related bonus. All IMDEA Networks’ researchers participate in regular appraisals of their performance. In these reviews, a researcher’s past performance is assessed against his/her previously agreed objectives. A performance-related bonus may then be awarded if the performance threshold is achieved. It’s intended that bonuses paid as a result of satisfactory performance represent a substantial percentage of each researcher’s aggregate financial benefits.

Relocation Assistance

We recognize the challenge of moving yourself - and possibly a family - to live in a different country. (Many of our team have already done that, at least once, in their career.) We understand, as well, that many researchers will initially have no Spanish language skills and will require a high degree of support, especially before and after their arrival here in Spain.

To help you make the transition to living in the Madrid region of Spain we provide support with specific challenges such as:

  • Immigration, work permit, and visa procedures
  • Housing
  • Schools
  • Registering for healthcare
  • Bank account

This list is not intended to be exhaustive. You may have concerns regarding other issues not mentioned here. We would be glad to try to help you with these in case you are made an offer of a position with us.


All IMDEA Networks researchers are entitled to receive 23 days of holiday leave every year in addition to the national, regional, and local public holidays ("festivos") that apply in our location.


We view co-authorship positively when assessing the performance of all researchers as it is evidence of a constructive approach to the conduct of research. We aim to ensure that co-authors of publications, patents, etc. are recognized and listed as such.

Health Care

The payment of social security contributions by IMDEA Networks entitles all contracted researchers, wherever they come from in the World, to enjoy the excellent healthcare system in Spain.

Working Conditions

Researchers at IMDEA Networks are given the necessary flexibility in their working conditions to allow successful research performance. Working conditions are framed in a collective agreement ("convenio colectivo") at local area level. Of course, we also ensure compliance with all applicable employment legislation.

In practice, this means allowing for both men and women researchers to combine family and work, children and career. We particularly aim to provide suitable working arrangements such as flexible working hours, part-time working, teleworking, and sabbatical leave.

In summary, each employee is treated as an individual whose specific needs should be addressed and, where possible, accommodated within our framework of conditions for researchers.

Stability and Permanence of Contract

We aim, as far as possible, to improve the stability of employment conditions for researchers, implementing and abiding by the principles and terms laid down in the EU Directive on Fixed-term Work (Council Directive 99/70/EC).

Research Environment

We offer a research environment that provides for a stimulating place in which to work. Our researchers benefit from state-of-the-art equipment and facilities appropriate for the activities in which they are engaged and consistent with our goal to build and maintain truly world-class physical resources for research. In our physical environment, we ensure that appropriate health and safety regulations are observed.

Researcher Mobility

Researchers are enriched by and require the scientific and intellectual stimulation provided by regular exchanges of ideas with colleagues from other institutions in different locations.

We recognize the value of researcher mobility, that is to say geographical, inter-sectorial, inter-, and trans-disciplinary, between private and public sectors and also virtual mobility. Positioned as we are, somewhere between the private and public sectors, we aim to provide an environment where researchers from both can collaborate.

We give mobility options to researchers at all stages of their careers within the context of a structured career development plan. Wherever possible we provide the administrative instruments to facilitate such mobility such as portability of grants and social security provisions.

Participation at International Conferences

All IMDEA Networks researchers are encouraged and supported to attend and participate in relevant international conferences, project meetings, and seminars as a part of their professional development program.

Performance Appraisal

All IMDEA Networks’ researchers participate in regular appraisals of their performance. These performance appraisals give researchers and supervisors the opportunity to assess the researchers’ performance objectively against previously agreed objectives, identify training needs, and set objectives for the next period. At the same time, an evaluation of the potential for upgrading, promotion, and other career development opportunities is made.

Training Opportunities

We believe that learning should be a continuous process and that every member of our team can benefit from training. All IMDEA Networks’ researchers receive continuous support in enhancing their knowledge and skills. Within the framework of the performance appraisal process, each individual’s specific training needs are identified and from this, a systematic and structured training plan is agreed upon and implemented.

Equal Opportunities

IMDEA Networks strives to be an equal opportunities employer. We aspire to ensure equal opportunity to all staff, associates, interns, and volunteers without discrimination or harassment on grounds such as, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, belief, political opinion, sexual orientation, social or economic condition, social origin, class, gender, marital status, political affiliation or belief, disability, physical appearance, or age.