Technologies for Collaborative Detection of Spectrum Anomalies
IMDEA Networks participates in the project through a contract with Armasuisse Science and Technology
  • Financed by: Contract with the industry
  • Duration: March 2016 to September 2016
  • Contact: Domenico GIUSTINIANO, Principal Investigator for IMDEA Networks

The SPECTRUMCOP I project has the overarching goal of providing the turnkey technologies to bring a concrete application to the Electrosense network. In the context of this project, we aim to pervasively monitor the spectrum such that the backend will swiftly detect any anomaly and misuse in the spectrum usage. SPECTRUMCOP I will study the necessary theoretical and practical concepts, and propose solutions that will be analysed in testbeds managed by IMDEA as well as in the overall Electrosense network.

This project is part of the SPECTRUMCOP PROGRAM which was launched in March 2016 and is still ongoing.