Madri+d Communications Technologies Forum

28 May 2008

The Madri+d Science and Technology Forum in June will focus on Communications Technologies, a field of unquestionable importance and appeal in a wide variety of industries thanks to its horizontality.

To this end, various activities have been planned, coordinated by the Politécnica and Carlos III de Madrid universities, which will act as a meeting point between the research community and companies of the Region of Madrid with an interest in, and capacity for, innovation.

The Forum will begin on June 5 with the lecture ‘The Role of Europe in Internet Governance’, given by Jon Crowcroft, ‘Marconi’ Professor of Communications Systems at the University of Cambridge. Professor Crowcroft holds an MSc and PhD in Computer Science from University College London, where he was a professor until 2001.

Currently he is on a sabbatical period at the Madrid Institute of Advanced Network Studies –IMDEA Networks-.

On June 9, the conference on ‘RFID Technology: challenges and trends’ will be held, presenting the Technological Surveillance Report, ‘Radiofrequency Identification Technologies (RFID): applications in the field of health’ as an example of collaboration between university and business. The report was compiled jointly by CEDITEC-ETSIT (the ETSIT-UPM Centre for Technological Dissemination) and CITIC (Madri+d Circle of Innovation in ICT), gearing its development towards the interests and realities of the Spanish industry, represented through the eMOV (Wireless Communications) Technological Platform, coordinated by AETIC (the Spanish Association of Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunications Companies).

Later, on June 26, the ‘Science-business conference: Communications Technologies Forum’, will deal with the transferral of technology between university and business from two points of view: the exposure of the technological offering developed in universities and the perspective provided by companies through their technological demands.

To this end, the first session will involve a presentation of the Catalogue of Technology, Technical Services and R&D Programmes related to Communications Technologies, with the aim of giving visibility to technological developments and scientific capabilities existing in the Region of Madrid. In the second session, the characteristics of university-business technological transferral in the region will be presented and this relationship will also be analysed from the point of view of the demands of the business world. With this in mind, important companies in the sector will assess the advantages and difficulties of this relationship on the basis of their experience collaborating with universities.

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