Secondary school students join IMDEA Networks for educational training

25 March 2015

Four bilingual 16 year-old students from the Madrid secondary school ‘IES Isaac Albéniz’ have joined IMDEA Networks for a period of two days on an educational stay. IMDEA Networks thus enlists for the second consecutive year on a learning and training program promoted by the Regional Government of Madrid called ‘4ESO+empresa’ (4th grade plus industry, in English). The aim of this program is to provide young students with a first point of contact with the realities of the workplace. This experience will allow them to observe and participate in the everyday tasks of the organization or company they join and get a feel for the world of work that awaits them in the not so distant future. Efforts such as this one are expected to improve training for young people and facilitate their integration into the labor market.

During their stay the students will be supervised by three experienced members of our research team, Dr. Arturo Azcorra, Dr. Paolo CasariDr. Domenico Giustiniano and Dr. Vincenzo Mancuso, who will to be able to show them what the life of a researcher is like and (perhaps) awaken their interest for a life in science.

Students surrounded by researchers

The four students in the center appear surrounded by the group of researchers they have collaborated with.

Source(s): IMDEA Networks Institute
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