Takeaways from the 2017 Taipei 5G Summit

14 September 2017

Professor Arturo Azcorra, IMDEA Networks’ director and one of the top European experts on the fifth generation of mobile communication networks (5G), participated as an invited speaker in the 4th Taipei 5G Summit, «The Power of New Radio & Edge Intelligence» under the invitation of the 5G office of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Taipei summit has provided important clues about the future of 5G network technology as the driving force behind an unprecedented transformation in the world of business and communications.

Joining this international effort to promote public awareness of 5G and its potential to generate new and improved applications, Arturo Azcorra has chosen to present the “5G Crosshaul Architecture”, a key element of the overall 5G architecture that is currently being developed by the European project 5G-CROSSHAUL and which is also the basis for the EU projects 5G-TRANSFORMER and 5G-CORAL.

The Taipei 5G Summit 2017 has introduced the current global status on the development of 5G technologies and Edge Computing, by bringing in leading telecom operators, IoT experts, major equipment suppliers and leading chipset manufacturers, to share their vision on Edge Intelligence and the roadmap to 5G. The lineup of invited speakers therefore has brought Dr. Azcorra on a par with other renowned global experts in 5G communications, such as Mr. Serge Willenegger, Senior Vice President at Qualcomm Technologies Inc., Dr. Joakim Sorelius, Head of 5G Architecture at Ericsson, Dr. Ali Sadri, Senior Director at Intel, Mr. Pearse O’donohue, Area Director of Future Networks at DG Connect (European Commission) and Mr. Luis Jorge Romero, Director General at ETSI. Supermicro, ADLINK, JIO, Sercomm, Keysight Technologies Inc., Nokia, the National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Bell Mobility – Canada, Relay 2, KDDI Research Inc., ICL-ITRI and the IEEE 5G initiative were the rest of institutions represented in the impressive list of invited speakers.

Invited speakers at the Taipei 5G Summit 2017. Mr. Jong-Chin Shen, Taiwanese Minister of Economic Affairs occupies the center; Arturo Azcorra, representing IMDEA Networks, is third from the right on the second row.

Arturo Azcorra holds a preeminent role in European decision-making bodies working towards the design of next-generation advanced communication systems. He is Chairman of the Expert Advisory Group of the NetWorld2020 European Technology Platform (ETP), Partnership Board member and member of the Vision Group within the 5G Infrastructure Association, Vice-President of the 5TONIC Lab and Director of IMDEA Networks. The Institute is an associated member of the 5G PPP, which Azcorra contributed to launching, having being a member of its Steering Board during its inception period (2013-2015).

The fourth edition of the Taipei 5G Summit has taken place in Taiwan’s capital city on September 12-13, 2017, and was co-located with the 21st edition of the annual World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT). In addition to how edge computing and applications will be enhanced in the 5G era, the Summit has also drawn discussion on topics ranging from automotive applications, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and 5G access, to how 5G collaboration with European standard institutes can contribute to realizing Edge Intelligence.

Visit the 2017 TAIPEI 5G SUMMIT website.

Source(s): IMDEA Networks Institute
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