Community of Madrid Chair of Excellence grantee becomes Visiting Professor at IMDEA Networks

31 March 2017

Prof. Ioannis Stavrakakis has been appointed to the eminent role of Chair of Excellence by the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of the Community of Madrid. He has joined IMDEA Networks Institute as a Visiting Professor for a full academic year. He will share this role with parallel work at University Carlos III of Madrid.

Ioannis Stavrakakis, a Full Professor and Head for a number of years of the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications as well as Director of the Advanced Networking Research (ANR) Group at the University of Athens (Greece), is the recipient of a prestigious grant awarded by the regional government of Madrid. This grant if part of a Chairs of Excellence Programme designed to attract first-rate research talent for a short-term incorporation into research groups within the Madrid region. Prof. Stavrakakis will perform collaborative research work for a period of twelve months starting in March 2017. As part of this work, he will also collaborate in the mentoring of IMDEA Networks’ PhD Students.

A renowned networking scientist with academic career in USA and EU universities and whose research activities span three decades, Prof. Stavrakakis has outlined an ambitious research plan for his stay. Moving on from his steady contributions to the areas of resource allocation protocols, stochastic traffic management and congestion control for communication networks (peer-to-peer, mobile, ad hoc, autonomic, delay tolerant, social and future Internet), he plans to put his emphasis on human driven decision-making in distributed competitive environments and information-centric networking. Taking advantage of the extensive work that IMDEA Networks researchers are putting on the development of future 5G technologies, he will explore the specific applications of his work to the resolution of 5G networking challenges.

Prof. Stavrakakis, an IEEE Fellow since 2007, is recognized for his seminal research built upon an outstanding publication record that includes numerous IEEE Transactions and INFOCOM publications, participation in numerous EU and USA (NSF, DARPA) agency as well as industry (GTE, BBN, Motorola) funded research projects, collaborative international endeavors, and dedication to scientific service activities. The “Chair of Excellence” honors him for his success in promoting networking science research and aims to strengthen the teams he will be collaborating with in areas of strategic interest to the Madrid region.

Prof. Stavrakakis follows in the footsteps of 18 former Visiting Professors at IMDEA Networks. These collaborations have greatly contributed to strengthening the Institute’s international ties, developing stable partnerships, sharing research experiences and mutually improving scientific and technical knowledge and capabilities.

Source(s): IMDEA Networks Institute
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